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#RCRMailbag Worries About Position Groups and Fights Off Hangovers

You asked and we answered.

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Y'all know the drill by now. This is where we answer questions that have been tweeted with the #RCRMailbag hashtag. If you'd like to potentially have your question answered next week, then tweet it.

Whiskey Wednesday: The highest high is pretty tough; there have been a lot of great ones. Honestly, clinching the trip to Omaha, as well as winning the SEC BB tournament stand out as huge ones to me, even though I'm primarily a football fan. As far as football goes, thumping LSU in 2008 would be hard to beat. 2008 gave us probably my most positive memories, football-wise (how did we lose to Vanderbilt and Wake Forest that year again?).

Honestly, the 2013 Egg Bowl might be one of the lowest lows. The MSU program has become more obnoxious and more devoid of sportsmanship than I can really even wrap my head around. Seeing their fans', coaches', and players' behaviors validated really did make me feel sick. We had a chance to separate ourselves from them in a meaningful way, and we failed. Not to mention that I was at my girlfriend's parents' house for Thanksgiving (they're Big 10 fans, so basically not football fans...) trying not to act like a crazy person. The whole thing was a huge drain on a season that I'd really enjoyed up to that point.

Smeargle: Highest high would definitely be my freshman year (‘03) for the LSU game. Even though we lost, being in the band for that night game Grove routine was the most energy I have ever felt in the Grove. A close second would be last year's LSU victory. I cried. As for lows, definitely the Jacksonville State loss or the first Texas A&M loss (‘12) in Oxford. Also cried.

Juco: The highest high is probably the egg bowl in Hugh Freeze's first year. I know that sounds crazy and a result of recency, but I just remember feeling like finally we had drug ourselves out of the Houston Nutt era. Ole Miss was bowl eligible and looked pretty good in recruiting. That, coupled with Feed Moncrief, just put me over the edge into a state of euphoria. The lowest low was Vanderbilt in 2008. I don't want to talk about it.

Ghost: I think my highest high was the 2009 Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech. We had finished the season on an absolute tear, and just took a one-loss, top-ten team to the woodshed. Our defense was absolutely nasty towards the end of that season, and we legitimately looked like one of the best teams in the country that day - Texas Tech and their dumb facepaint didn't stand a chance.

For lowest low, I've got two. The Jacksonville State game actually made me mad, as if someone had done something terribly offensive to me. Hell, I'm still mad about it. Fuck you, Houston Nutt.

The other low was the Wyoming game in 2005. It was right after Katrina and Rita, the weather was terrible, Wyoming beat us, the Grove was a damn mess - everything just sucked. Hard. I was a sophomore at the time, and was legitimately starting to regret my Ole Miss fandom up to that moment. "What a waste of time this all is," I thought.

Smeargle: China Royal's buffet. Bonus points if you get it the to go box and bring your own string to hog tie it shut.

Juco: Hm... I guess Huddle House? I haven't been hungover in Oxford in a while as I'm now a very skilled daydrinker. Anything that's really greasy is the answer.

Ghost: Big Bad Breakfast. Go for the Pylon, or any of their breakfast sandwiches. Do they still have the Southern Belly on the menu? You know, the fried eggs, bacon, and pimento cheese on toast? That thing knew how to beat the shit out of a hangover.

Whiskey: Since Ghost already introduced BBB, I'll choose a dark horse and say the taqueria on University. Having been to really legit taquerias in Jackson, Durham, and even San Fran, the one in Oxford is as good or better than any of them. The chorizo is so damn crispy and greasy, the beer is cheap, and the tortillas are perfect.

Juco: Any team who has been perpetually mediocre with more bad sprinkled in than good who shoots themselves in the foot all the time... so... the Cincinnati Bengals? I have no idea. I haven't been a lifelong sports fan.

Ghost: For baseball, it's probably the Cubs. Lovable losers who can make noise every now and then, but can never put all of the pieces together on the way to a championship. Also, BEARS lol. For basketball, maybe the Utah Jazz? Used to be really dominant and stuff? White people? In the NFL, it's the Buffalo Bills. Same story as above.

Smeargle: OL, everything else, QB. My confidence for Dr. Bo is beyond reason. Let the surgery commence.

Juco: OL, LB, RB?, DE, QB, WR/TE, DT, S, CB

Ghost: OL, Special Teams, LB, DE, QB, RB, WR/TE, CB, DT, S

Whiskey: OL, ST, QB (I love me some Bo, but he does make me nervous), LB, CB, WR, RB, S, DL