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Ole Miss Football: Take our 12-Question Poll on The Rebels' Chances this Season

Rebel fans will have their chance to predict the season.

Scott Halleran

As a part of our upcoming season preview, we want to include some sort of look at how the Ole Miss fan base feels about the upcoming season. We want to look at each game and try to determine how "confident" Rebel supporters are regarding each contest. So, to that end, we made a 12-question poll that I'd like all of you to answer.

It's a rather simple poll. You simply answer one question for each opponent the Rebels play. Each question will have five possible answers: certain Rebel LOSS, probable Rebel LOSS, virtual tie, probable Rebel WIN, and certain Rebel WIN.

We are using those terms in an attempt to portray a certain level of confidence regarding a particular game without burdening you all with too many choices or sliding scales or any of that nonsense. If you're "certain" about a loss or a win, as in you're very confident, then mark it so. If you're only somewhat confident about a Rebel loss or win, mark it "probable." If you're looking at a game and think it's a tossup, mark it a "virtual tie." (Think of these games as those you're now predicting to come down to a last second field goal or overtime heroics.)

After a week or so, we'll be able to look at which games about which we feel the most confident and develop a season prediction from the fan base at large. Who knows, we might even use pie charts or something to illustrate a point or two. Surveys are fun like that.

Now, we know how tempted some of you are going to be to just mark "Certain Rebel WIN" for all twelve games (lookin' at you, Rebelstrife), and if that's what you actually believe is the most reasonable set of answers to the poll then that's fine, but, c'mon, you don't actually believe that and we all know it. Do us all a favor and answer the poll as honestly as you can so that we may best gauge how the Ole Miss Rebel fan base believes the team will do this season. It's an anonymous poll anyway, meaning you can prove you voted one way or another, so just be reasonable then tell everyone how badass you were with your votes in this post's comments thread.

And, yes, there is something highly flawed in making predictions or guesses on an upcoming football season based on a myriad of unknown factors and assuming no unpredictable unforeseen developments occur. We get that. We also get that this is an anonymous discussion of college football on the internet, so all abandon all pretense of significant scholarship and scientific endeavors and just answer the poll.

Got it? Great. Click here to take the 12-question survey, and thanks in advance for your answers.