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Why the hell does New Mexico hate Ole Miss?

On Wednesday, Reddit released a map showing the most hated college football teams in each state. Some of these make sense: Oregon and Washington hate each other, Iowa hates Nebraska and Missouri hates Kansas. Then there's New Mexico...

What the hell New Mexico? What did we ever do to you? There are over 1,000 miles between your capital, Santa Fe, and Oxford, and there is essentially no athletic or cultural connection between our two states.

This makes no sense whatsoever. There is literally no explanation that could... wait a minute...

According to the survey's raw numbers, only 19 votes were tallied from the state of New Mexico. It's completely feasible, therefore, that those came from one person voting 19 times.

There's only one person that we know a) has a dislike of Ole Miss, b) is batshit enough to take the time out of their day to anonymously register said dislike over a dozen times through a trivial online ballot and c) was living in Santa Fe working as a CBS analyst the last time we heard from him...