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The Forward Together Releases New Renderings for South End Zone Renovation

New luxury suites and an on-field club highlight the proposed renovations.

Wesley Hitt

Via Twitter, The Forward Together campaign released three renderings today which showcase the potential renovations for the south endzone area of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. First, here's the grand design of the lower bowl area, to be completed in 2015:

So 30 new suites and 700+ new club seats, with the current open concourse of the south endzone being filled in with suites similar to those above the concourse today. On top of that, there will be a lower level club like what we saw installed near the tunnels this past offseason. That lower level club area will look like this:

We're clearly going to recruit some ghosts to play ball for the 2015 season. (I'm sorry. I had to tell that joke.)

In that lower concourse/club area, there will be a viewing portal which will allow fans to watch the players walk from the locker room in the indoor practice facility to the field as they do before every home game. This is the one part of the design that, for better or for worse, has that Jerryworld feel to it.

More details on this proposed expansion can be found here.

How do you feel about this? In particular, I am curious as what those of you who have tickets in the south endzone sections think of the proposed changes. Definitely let us know in the comments.