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Ole Miss Rebel Football 2014: We're Still Talkin' 'Bout Practice

Videos! Photos! Practice! Football!

Anthony Alford, as Southern Miss' quarterback in 2012
Anthony Alford, as Southern Miss' quarterback in 2012

While Ole Miss practices have been pretty shut off from fans and media, we have been able to get a glimpse of the goings on during the Rebels' fall camps via everybody's favorite methods of digesting information: photographs and videos.

First, a slideshow from the mothership, which features, among other images, Laquon Treadwell looking like an NFL receiver, Robert Nkemdiche's inhuman physique, and a C.J. Johnson that's looking leaner, thicker, and more able-bodied than before.

Then we've got a pair of videos to share with you. Here's wide receiver Quincy Adeboyejo talking about his new role in the slot and how much he feels Bo Wallace has improved.

One of my favorite moments in this video comes with Adeboyejo being asked if he can be the guy who can take the tops of of defenses this year. Humbly and somewhat sheepishly, he replies "I mean... I'm pretty fast," before offering a sly grin. Love that attitude.

Then safety Anthony Alford fielded some questions, primarily about his history both as an FBS quarterback and professional center fielder (for those who have forgotten, Alford is technically a member of the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and spends his summers playing baseball), and how those experiences have helped get him ready to play in an SEC secondary.

He did mention that he has seen some time at quarterback situationally this fall. That could yield some interesting results this season.

A friendly reminder: this Saturday's 9:45 AM scrimmage will be open to the public. It'll be the only practice open to any and everybody, so if you're in Oxford we advise you to take it all in. It's the last time you'll see these guys in person before kickoff against Boise.