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Tuesday Question: One of Signal

Ole Miss has been talked about as a potential location for ESPN's College Gameday if they can make it to the Alabama game at 4-0. That begs the question...


If College Gameday comes to the Grove for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game, what does your sign say?

At this point we're all speculating, but it's reasonable to think that ESPN's flagship college football morning show could broadcast live from the Ole Miss campus for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game in week five of the NCAA FBS season. If both teams are 4-0 at that point - a reasonable prediction for either program - both should be in the top-15. This might be just what ESPN needs to convince them to finally make the trip they've always wanted to make for College Gameday.

So, obviously, the important question at this point is what "would your sign say?" That's right before the question of "how irrationally outraged will you be when you learn that they've had to move a Hotty Toddy Potty and block some traffic to accomodate ESPN's crew," because you know those folks are out there.