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Hugh Freeze and Bo Wallace Appeared on Sirius XM College Sports Yesterday; Here's some Audio

They're brief interviews, but they're definitely worth a listen.

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Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

SiriusXM College Sports broadcast live from the Ole Miss campus yesterday for a few hours, and took time ot interview several coaches and players. Most notably (and most readily available), the crew of ESPN's Brett McMurphy and former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik interviewed Hugh Freeze and Bo Wallace.

First, Freeze mentioned that he was "real pleased with the demeanor" of the team this fall, echoing a common sentiment of his that attitude is important for a program to move forward. He also discussed the expectations surrounding the program this year, saying that the players sense that Ole Miss can go from being "good to great." He said he doesn't yet know what that means as far as the number of wins go, and he does mention that this team would still need to catch a few good bounces to make a major jump, but he did say that eight wins and a bowl might, to some, be less than satisfying. Truthfully, that might not be considered a "really really good season" at Ole Miss anymore, which says a lot about what his leadership has meant to this program.

Bo Wallace then took the mic, where he mentioned that the first few days of practice thus far have been devoted to "changing the verbiage" of the program to keep the signals from being "stolen, like last year." (His words, not mine) This would explain why the practices have neither been open to the public nor the media for the most part. Sure, they'll give Neal and the EotC and those guys 20 minutes or so to watch every other practice or so, but from everything I've read this week it's apparent that Coach Freeze is being incredibly cautious with this year's team.

Bo talked about working on his mechanics with Tom House this summer, and that has helped him improve his throwing motion to get more velocity on his passes. He also said he doesn't like watching film from the end of last season because of how many mistakes he made. He also talked about being a leader and what it means to be a senior on a fairly young football team.

Give 'em a listen if you've got a few minutes. Both interviews are brief, but both do a good job capturing the mood of this team during fall camp.