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Red Cup Radio Answers Your #RCRMailbag Questions and Previews Boise State

Let's call this a special gameday edition, or something.

Earlier this week, we asked y'all to submit some questions for Red Cup Radio this week so that we could kill two birds with one stone and handle the #RCRMailbag on the air. Y'all did, so here we are. We're recording live, and we'll be broadcasting the show tomorrow on Rebel Sports Radio in the morning. We'll also have a post up with the listening widgets and MP3 links, as per the usual.

Tonights topics are obvious: Ole Miss football, Boise State football, and the athletics contest that will see these two programs facing off tomorrow night in Atlanta's Georgia Dome. Obviously, we're pretty damn excited about that.

If you want to listen to us while we record it live, use the widget below. Click here to join in with the live chat and ask questions if you feel so inclined. Then, tomorrow morning, listen to the show and get fired up for some damn Rebel football.

UPDATE: The show is ready to go! Use the widget below or click here if you're on a mobile phone. Happy gameday y'all. Ole Miss football is finally back.