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#RCRMailbag and Red Cup Radio, In One!

Our brief posting schedule this week means we've gotta get innovative.

Mike Ehrmann

Since kickoff is tomorrow (omigah omigah omigah it's tomorrow omigah), we're trying to fit as much content as we can into a short game week. Normally we'd have an #RCRMailbag on Friday, but since all of your questions are likely contingent on how the Rebels perform on Thursday, we're going to merge our little weekly question and answers session with our weekly Rebel Sports Radio show.

Tonight, Juco, Whiskey Wednesday and I will record Red Cup Radio live at 9:00 PM Central (time subject to change, so pay attention). We'll have a post up here with a link to a live chat room to allow you all to listen in and ask questions while we babble on about Ole Miss Rebel football. We'll also answer questions you have for us in this comments thread, as well as questions you ask on Twitter using the #RCRMailbag hashtag.

The show will obviously be available to listen live, and will be reposted here and via the Rebel Sports Radio app tomorrow morning. Finally, a gameday edition of Red Cup Radio will be here for the 2014 season. So chip in with your questions or discussion topics below, and we'll see you this evening when we record the show.