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Red Cup Rebellion's 2014 Pick 'Em is Here!

Picking them! Horray!

Joe Robbins

Red Cup Rebellion's College Football Pick 'Em is back for 2015! Sign up and pick against the spread to prove just how good you are at football prognosticating.

If you have a Yahoo! account, you should follow this link here: this one!

Use the following group ID: 8959

Use the following password: gonzohog

And there you have it. This year, we will pick among the Yahoo! Pick 'Em default games, which is the 20-or-so games picked by Yahoo!'s college football writers. So when Ole Miss isn't included in a weekly pick 'em, it's not my doing. I did consider selecting just the top-25 teams or just the Southeastern Conference, but that means we'll have a lot of "Alabama vs. Scooter McDooder State" type of games, and those aren't all that fun for the sake of picks.

So join the group, play for bragging rights (there are legal issues with us hosting a game for a prize, sorry), and once they have the spreads up make sure get your picks in for this week.