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#RCRMailbag Answers Your Questions on Billy Brewer, the SEC Network, and EVEN MORE BOISE STATE

We need football to be here in the worst way.

Mike Ehrmann

Whiskey: Brewer was a snappy dresser, and fielded an awesome defense (which you should always be able to do with MS high school talent). It sucks that he got us in trouble as a program, but every major program has had their Billy Brewer.

Ghost: I try not to blame coaches unless they were explicitly and recklessly involved in a given scandal, which is pretty rare given how busy coaches are with, you know, coaching. So, yeah, we got in a lot of trouble under Brewer's watch, but I don't really know how much blame can be laid at his feet. He's a great coach and a guy who really loves Ole Miss. The only other coach of the past couple of decades I can confidently say that for is Hugh Freeze (WHO IS ALSO A CHEETAR DAMN TSUN BEAR).

Ghost: Only marginally so. I think it's great that Ole Miss Soccer will be a part of the SEC Network's first ever live broadcast sporting event, and I'm sure plenty of people will watch, but I don't think that the network will, in the long run, create a level of interest that is noticeably greater than the level of interest we already have in soccer, softball, volleyball, et cetera. I'd like to be wrong on that, because I think some of those sports (soccer and volleyball in particular) are pretty fun to watch, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Juco: It may not last, but right now, I think it is interesting seeing actual coverage of the lesser sports. I don't imagine I'll become a mega-fan of an obscure sport, but it's nice to see them getting a chance at the spotlight. It also can't hurt recruiting in their sports. It would be interesting if the creation of the Network (have to capitalize heavenly things, right?) had a secondary effect of making the SEC dominant in all those sports.

Smeargle: I think people will still be more interested in extended coverage of the big 3 than any coverage at all of lesser sports. The football coverage leading up to the beginning of the season has been a lot of fun to watch since the launch.

Whiskey: I have not seen the SEC Network yet, but it's hard to believe that they'll actually show much coverage of track, soccer, volleyball, golf, etc. They have to show programming that will generate the best ratings, and if there's corny, surface-level football analysis to be had, then that's probably what they'll air.

[Excellent "Last of the Mohicans" reference. -ED]

Juco: I don't. I'm pro Yellow Cup. Seriously, when/if he/she finally wins one, I'm going to pop open a bottle of Pappy Van.

Smeargle: As someone that saw every solo cup race in person this past season, I can say with confidence that yellow cup should NEVER, EVER win. That old perverted child molester took selfies with a diamond girl and tried to get her number.

Ghost: He's a no good trickster, a crack-smoking swindler, he thinks he's the best dancer, and he STINKS.

Ghost: Do you mean "who stands out against Boise?" Sorry, had to pick on that syntax a little bit. I think this question means to get at where we think certain mismatches may be -- which Ole Miss Rebel matches up well against the Boise State Bronco he'll be facing on most plays. I think the easy answer here is Robert Nkemdiche, although you could make a compelling case for many of our starting defenders. Boise State is breaking in a lot of new talent on the offensive (and defensive) line, which could potentially mean big things for Big Bob. He'll either command double teams to give C.J. Johnson, Marquis Haynes, or a blitzing linebacker a better chance of reaching the backfield, or he'll create such a push up the middle as to force plays to move horizontally instead of vertically, so to speak. Or, hell, maybe he will do both.

Smeargle: Freeze and coaching long as he doesn't call for the Treadwell pass. I feel like we should out-scheme the hell out of the Broncos.

Juco: Um.. most of the defensive line. Boise will be breaking in three new starters on the offensive line, replacing two guards and a left tackle. I don't think that aspect will be fun for them. I do wonder if Ole Miss will have trouble passing against their established secondary. Luckily we'll know the answer in six days.

Whiskey: While the defensive line is certainly going to make things difficult for Boise, I think that they'll be able to scheme around it enough to make others on the defense make plays. Look for Tony Conner, Senquez Golson, and Mike Hilton to wreck a bunch of attempted screens and quick hits. Those guys are great at recognizing those plays.

On offense, surely we'll have a running back that does well, but who's to say who that might be? Amongst the receivers, I'd sure love to see Evan Engram have another breakout game.

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