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2014 SEC Quarterback Rankings: TAKE A RIDE ON THE DAK TRAIN

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The final installment of this thing that was designed to help get us through the summer doldrums is here! Today, we tackle (figuratively) quarterbacks and where they (figuratively but more literally than the last figuratively) stack up with the rest of the conference's signal-callers. Next week: real football!

1.     Auburn - Nick Marshall isn't asked to pass as often as some of the other quarterbacks who will be on this list, but when he does, he's quite efficient. He's also wonderful at running the read-option, having averaged 6.2 yards per carry last season.

2.     Ole Miss - Bo Wallace is on pace to break several of Eli Manning's passing records. He has already broken some. Last season saw him become much more efficient as a passer, though his yards per attempt dropped. Ole Miss fans hope to see a combination of years one and two of Wallace.

3.     Mississippi State - Dak Prescott enters his first season as a full-time starter with lots of hype. He's a very good quarterback, and it will be interesting to see how he responds when he's the guy going against the league's top defenses.

4.     Missouri - Maty Mauck is fun to watch. He's quick and can do nifty things with the ball. There's a decent chance I'm underranking him, but I doubt he proves me wrong since all the receivers have left Missouri.

5.     South Carolina - Dylan Thompson has looked pretty good when given the chance. In limited action last season, he led the team to wins over UCF and Missouri. I'm anxious to see how he does as the full-time guy.

6.     Florida - Jeff Driskell was highly recruited, but last season saw too many interceptions before he was lost for the year. He really just needs help from some of the players around him, and I'm not sure he'll get it.

7.     Georgia - There's a decent chance Hutson Mason is good. In limited action, he has performed pretty well. Obviously replacing Aaron Murray is tough, but he isn't a bad quarterback.

8.     Alabama - I debated where to put Alabama. I've never seen Jacob Coker play. People say he's good. I have no way of knowing that. I just decided to put him here because he won't be asked to do too much, and the teams I'm ranking below him either have a terrible talent situation or rely too heavily on unproven players at quarterback.

9.     Texas A&M - Kevin Sumlin recently named Kenny Hill the starting quarterback in College Station. That's a little surprising in that Kyle Allen was so highly sought after, but I obviously have no idea how the two have looked in practice. Either way, it's an obvious step down.

10. LSU - Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings continue to fight for the starting gig in Baton Rouge. Harris is a true freshman, and Anthony Jennings looked pretty bad last season. I don't think this position is going to work for Les Miles, but maybe he'll pull a rabbit out of his hat for the 70th consecutive time.

11. Tennessee - Justin Worley is meh.

12. Vanderbilt - Derek Mason and Venderbilt should go with Jonathan McCrary. He's young and could be molded over time to be what Mason wants. Vanderbilt's going to lose a lot of games anyway. might as well invest in the future.

13. Arkansas - Ha. Arkansas quarterbacks.

14. Kentucky - One has to wonder whether Stoops can put together another great recruiting class if Kentucky is just horrible this season.