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Tuesday Question: One of Divergence

Today's Tuesday Question wants you to be totally honest with yourself. It is...

What is the most underrated thing about Ole Miss? What is the most overrated thing about Ole Miss?

By "Ole Miss," I don't just mean "Ole Miss Rebels football," but I mean the institution and everything about it. The physical campus and buildings themselves; the people who make up the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and fans; the institutions that make up academic and student life; the culture of the school and its surrounding town and county; athletics; and so on and so forth. Pretty much anything that you can associate with Ole Miss in some form or another fits under the purview of this question.

And take seriously the use of the terms "underrated" and "overrated" in this context. Don't simply point out something you don't like (like the Beacon) and say it's "overrated" if it's not particularly well rated in the first place (again, like the Beacon). This exercise is you getting to say "people generally have an opinion about something, but my personal opinion of that thing is very different."