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Hugh Freeze, Bo Wallace, and Mike Hilton Speak to the Media after Practice Yesterday

Anything to get us excited for football, right?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's practice, Hugh Freeze along with quarterback Bo Wallace and defensive back Mike Hilton met with the media to talk about fall camp thus far and how the team's preparations for Boise State have been going. The Ole Miss Sports mothership was kind enough to share some of these videos on their official YouTube channel.

First up, Coach Freeze:

Coach is disappointed with the team's "energy" as of late, calling the team "lethargic." Even then, he praises linebacker Christian Russell, defensive end Fadol Brown, and how well both sides of the ball played in third down drills. Freeze mentions that they spent just 20 minutes prepping for Boise in the first practice yesterday, but would have a more thorough walkthrough yesterday evening on the Broncos. Boise State, it is worth noting, is breaking in a new coaching staff, which makes preparing for the game against them a bit difficult.

Mike Hilton talks about the work he put in this summer to be ready to practice full time at cornerback (even though he has to play both corner and husky now due to injuries). He also talks about the loss of Tee Sheaprd and how impressive Kendarius Webster has been in practice.

Bo Wallace loves describing things as "pretty good." He also reassures us of the health of his shoulder, talks about the battle for the starting center job, and the reliability of Laquon Treadwell.

And, just for fun, here's a teaser for the first episode of The Season 2014. Get excited, y'all.