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Ole Miss College Football Playoff

This thing's gonna get crazy, and we need your help.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Unless you're the most casual of casual football fans, you know that this season's national champion will be determined, for the first time in the history of college football, with a four team playoff. In honor of this, we're having our own four team playoff, and we're doing it in the most adequate and scientific way possible... via online poll!

So here's what we're doing: we're selecting four recent Ole Miss teams (don't read that as the best Ole Miss teams of all time) to duke it out and determine which team was the best. We're hoping to generate some discussion, and I think a case can be made for several of the teams.

You may be thinking, "that's great, Juco.... but.... it's not next week yet. Why are you doing this?" Well... we've run into a bit of a snag, something I think the playoff committee will regularly encounter as well. You see, the first three teams are pretty simple to determine.... it's that dadburn fourth team. Who is it? This is where you come in.

The three teams we know we'll include in balloting:

2003 Ole Miss

2008 Ole Miss

2009 Ole Miss

So here's the question.... who deserves the final spot? That's for you to decide, and you've got two choices.

2012 Ole Miss - Hugh Freeze's first team struggled to get bowl eligible but came together towards the end of the season and got the program moving in the right direction. They had a ton of heart, and they played with an out-of-nowhere intensity.

2013 Ole Miss - If you're going by record only, 2013's team is the clear answer since they won one more game. The question though is whether that's enough to put them over the 2013 team. Sure, this team had four or five freshman all-americans, but was the team (considering injuries and regression for several star players from the season prior) actually a lot better?