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Ole Misc.: Y'all Wanna Help some Visitors Out?

A group of football tourists are coming to Oxford in a couple of months, and have reached out to us for some assistance.

Yesterday, we received an email at the Cup's Gmail account asking for some advice. It was from a group of guys who, ever year, take a road trip to a different college football game. They've somehow found tickets and accommodation for our date with Alabama this year, and were soliciting advice on logistics, food, drink, local culture, and so forth. A lot of times, I'd just answer these emails myself, but since their questions were rather specific and because it's a Monday morning and y'all are just looking for something to talk about, I figured I'd share their message with you to see if you all could offer up some wisdom. (Yes, I got their permission to share this. Don't worry.)

Here's their message, edited to remove any personal information or irrelevant details.

My best friends from college and I do a fall boys weekend each year where we head to a new college football town and take in a game. We checked our calendars in January and ended  up with the weekend of Ocotber 4th. We looked at the SEC and ended up choosing the Ole Miss vs Bama game. We have done a ton of research and are so excited! We have many things booked and organized, but I still have some outstanding questions that I was hoping someone could answer, and after taking in your website I know you guys are up to the task.

What we have booked so far:

  • Flights in and out of Memphis
  • Condo a half mile from the Square on Jefferson
  • Tailgate tent set up service for game day
  • Thursday night reservation at City Grocery.

We are happy with the above but had few more questions:

  • We have all day Friday to ourselves in Oxford, what are the one or two must see things in Oxford or at the university? Was thinking about a tour of school and stadium?
  • Can you list out a few of your favorite breakfast lunch or dinner spots?
  • Also, what bars would be best bet for 35-year-olds in Oxford for football weekend?
  • Any tailgate advice for game day would be great as well. What time do people show up?

Any other advice you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Aside from my general astonishment that y'all were somehow able to get a table at City Grocery for that weekend, I will offer one bit of advice: be prepared for crowds. If Ole Miss and Alabama are both 4-0 heading into that game, something which is wholly reasonable to expect at this point, then could easily be one of the busiest football weekends in a decade, if not ever, in Oxford. Bama fans travel well and, if Ole Miss is unbeaten at that point, the Rebels should be a top-15 team. Fans for both schools will be excited and out in full force.

Now, consider that the town will have about 100K visitors that weekend, give or take, but only has the infrastructure for ~25K or so. Oxford's a small town, and it shows when the nationally ranked Rebs host the Crimson Tide. Be prepared for long lines and waits everywhere you go, inexplicable traffic, crowded sidewalks, and so forth. And, above all else, get wherever it is that you're going early. That includes dinner, drinks, the Grove, etc. You don't want to battle crowds. Trust me.

Other than that, I can't see why y'all won't be enjoying yourselves immensely that weekend.

As far as everything else goes, I'll leave that up to the commentariat. What say y'all, faithful RedCupRebellion readers? Got any advice for a few football tourists looking to spend a good weekend in Oxford?

Some Monday Morning Links:

  • SB Nation's Jason Kirk took a look at the new CFB Hall of Fame in Atlanta. Whiskey Wednesday and I will be doing the same in two-and-a-half weeks.
  • Tee Shepard's toe is hurt. This isn't good. Once we have details, we'll fill you in.
  • Chris Jones and Robert Nkemdiche are working to step it up in their sophomore years.
  • Finally, some good news. Amidst all the turmoil and complaining and LOUD NOISES as of late, it's important to point out that donations to Ole Miss are still reaching record highs year after year. It seems that, mascots and songs and nicknames aside, most folks just want the university to improve and provide good educational opportunities for its students.