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#RCRMailbag Answers Your Questions on Devante Kincade, Cheating, Bourbon, and More!

Y'all asked and we answered.

We know he'll have a good hair year AMIRITE?!
We know he'll have a good hair year AMIRITE?!
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We had a lot of participation in the #RCRMailbag this week. So much, in fact, that a lot of good questions fell to the copy room floor. Be not discouraged, however. Keep hitting us up with your questions and, eventually, we'll get to answering them.

Here's this week's mailbag, which actually talks about football before getting weird.

Smeargle: I expect to see him come in on some plays early as Freeze tests out where he fits in the offense. The plays probably won't be until garbage time or maybe a 1st and 5 after a penalty situation to reduce the risk of trying them. Overall, not much of an impact unless Bo gets hurt. I'll predict a total of 4 TDs (3 rushing, 1 passing) on the season.

Juco: Freeze recently said that he would likely use Kincade as a long-term answer if something happened to Bo, but he would put Ryan Buchanan in if they only needed one drive.To me, that says that they like the way Kincade allows them to run their entire offense but think that Buchanan is better at actually quarterbacking at the moment. I could be wrong. I think Kincade will come in regularly to give Bo a breather, but I'm not sure it will be as often as we saw with Barry Brunetti last season.

Ghost: I'm not sure he can be what Barry Brunetti was last year, due to his being much smaller. That's also why I don't see him coming in unless it's garbage time or if Wallace - heaven forbid - is hurt. If we're grounding and pounding it with a quarterback, I really hope it's with the Big Lig.

Smeargle: I truly believe Bo can potentially be the best QB in entire SEC this year. My gut feeling is that his TD/INT ratio will be something like 5:1 while easily surpassing 3,000 yards on the season.

Ghost: Dr. Bo will do us well if he can keep us above a 2:1 ID/INT clip. If he's healthy and active, he'll eclipse 3,000 yards if not 3,500.

Juco: I anticipate a 2:1 ratio. I like Bo a lot, but he can make some ill-planned throws at times. His numbers were much better there last season, but that's likely a product of how safe he had to play with his arm strength. Since I'm expecting him to be able to air it out more this season, I imagine his INTs will go up. He'll pass for over 3,000 yards unless he misses games.

Smeargle: I ask for the keys to the Library and five limousines filled the hottest sororistutes Ole Miss has to offer. I then use any extra money to hire Yancy Porter as the lead of my entourage and charge him with writing an autobiography on my Ole Miss career. This will in turn put my autobiography on the Princeton Review's list of "Top 10 Worst Books Ever Written in the History of Humanity".

Ghost: One Billion ReBEAR dollars. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is between ReBEAR dollars and US Dollars, but I'm sure it's not great.

Juco: Yes.

Ghost: No.

Smeargle: Warm up with some summery bourbon drinks a la Mint Julep or Kentucky Buck ( Don't be discouraged by the ginger beer, it's not hard to make from scratch. Throw some whole black peppercorns and ginger into a simple syrup, then strain. Mix ginger syrup with 3 parts club soda and 1 part syrup: BOOM, ginger beer for your Kentucky Buck.

Juco: Wait. You mean without using bourbon? I don't totally understand the question, so here are two cocktails (both of which were actually first concocted at The Sazerac in New Orleans).

  • Gin Fizz - it's very refreshing, and the raw egg isn't as weird as you'd think.
  • Sazerac - the Rye whiskey may be just what you need to get moving for switching over to bourbon for football season. Also GET WEIRD WITH ABSINTHE (which doesn't contain any hallucinogens).

Ghost: You can just drink bourbon. That always does the trick for me.

Ghost: Don't go. It's football season, so all that wedding stuff is totally optional. They should know better.

You know what, I'll leave this to the commenters. What say y'all?