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2014 SEC Position Rankings: Special Teams are Special!

The Rebs should, how do you say, "struggle" a bit this year.

Drew Kaser, the SEC's best punter.
Drew Kaser, the SEC's best punter.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

So we're on to special teams this week, and this one was a bit tougher than past units. What I tried to do was look at returners because experience is incredibly valuable in special teams. I then looked at what these returners actually bring to the table (i.e., are they actually good at football). Here's how I think the SEC's kickers, punters, and return units shake out.

Special Teams

  1. Texas A&M - They're returning Josh Lambo, who is a name that Ole Miss fans are too familiar with, as well as Drew Kaser, who is in the discussion for Ray Guy honors.

  2. LSU - This is one of those programs that always seems to have excellent special teams. Odell Beckham is gone as a returner, but they do bring back  Colby Delahoussaye, who is arguably the SEC's best placekicker.

  3. Georgia - If not Delahoussaye, then Marshal Morgan's the SEC's best placekicker.

  4. Mizzou - One of the few teams that returns their kicker and punter from last year, Mizzou should be reliable enough in special teams.

  5. Alabama - They're not good at making 50+ yarders to end the game.

  6. Auburn - They're really good at returning missed kicks for touchdowns.

  7. Florida - Florida's seemingly always got dangerous returners, and if Andre Debose is healthy then he'll be arguably the SEC's best.

  8. Arkansas - Sam Irwin-Hill is what we want Will Gleeson to be - an Aussie rules punter who can use either foot. He'll be solid for the Hogs this year.

  9. South Carolina - Tyler Hull is back, but his <40 yards per punt isn't exactly awe-inspiring.

  10. Tennessee - Replacing Michael Palardy, who both kicked and punted for the Vols last year, won't be easy.

  11. Kentucky - Landon Foster's a good-ish punter. That's all I got.

  12. Vanderbilt - They lost Carey Spear (Remember him? The banshee of a kicker who clobbered folks on returns?) and return a bunch of bad kickers and punters.

  13. State - State was 9-for-20 in field goals last year. Wow.

  14. Ole Miss - Outside of Jaylen Walton at kick returner, nobody's proven anything for the Rebs yet. Andrew Ritter and Tyler Campbell are gone, as is Jeff Scott, so Ole Miss will be breaking in new placekickers, punters, and punt returners this fall. Ouch.