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Ole Misc.: Fall Camp Starts Today

Football's almost here!

Today, the Ole Miss Rebel football team reports to coaches and begins their fall camp. Today's also the first day of August, meaning that we're actually within the same calendar month as the beginning of the football season.

Today is also Ole Miss media day, which will include a Hugh Freeze press conference lined up for 2 p.m. today. You can watch it live here. The first practice of the season will be tomorrow, and the only practice open to the public will be on August 9th at 9:45 a.m. As you've come to expect over the past few years, this time of the year will include practice reports, analysis, previews, and so forth. We're actually in the process of hashing out how we're going to cover football season week-by-week, and encourage any and all of your suggestions or requests. This should be a fun season, and it kinda-sorta-not-really begins today.

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