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Ole Miss Tight End Commit Willie Hibbler Quit Football... Or Maybe not, We're not Sure

The 6'6" prospect is a standout for the North Panola Cougars, again.


Less than 24 hours ago, the Clarion-Ledger reported that Willie Hibbler, a four-star tight end committed to the Ole Miss Rebels for the class of 2015, was dismissed from his North Panola High School team. It was reported that his coaches "couldn't reach him" during summer workouts, and that he was nowhere to be found for almost a month. It seems like he just quit football and vanished.

However, after the story was run yesterday, his father and the North Panola head coach met to iron things out. Hibbler was reinstated to the program, and he'll be back with the team after he fulfills certain "obligations," which are likely running bleacher steps until he vomits a few times.

Hibbler seemed apologetic enough about the whole misunderstanding on his Twitter feed.

So Willie's back on the North Panola squad, which is nice, because we'd like for him to keep playing football.