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Happy Independence Day

Let's Celebrate America!

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

While liberty and independence are a 365-days-a-year affair around these parts, today is a special day where we celebrate those ideas, as well as the countless other things, that make America what it is. Whatever that means to you, then celebrate it, and do it big. Celebrate the triumph of Enlightenment ideals over those of antiquity; a victory of the new world over the old; the foundation of the country you proudly call home; and the ever-so-American opportunity to drink cheap beer, blow small things up, and cook a various sundry of meats over an open flame.

Or just take it easy and enjoy your day off of work and the resulting three-day-weekend. Whatever it is that you do, just do it, and be delighted that you're free to do so.

With that, and as per tradition around these parts, we'll kick off our Red Cup Rebellion Independence Day celebration with the always appropriate "America the Beautiful." Let it sink in and shake you to your being, and then plop another scoop of potato salad on your Dixie plate before cracking open another Coors Light.

Take it away, Brother Ray.