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RCR Mailbag Answers Questions on Hugh Freeze's Offense, Wifi,

Y'all asked; we answered.

Coach Hugh Freeze speaks with Chris Fowler at ESPN's SEC Coaches Car Wash
Coach Hugh Freeze speaks with Chris Fowler at ESPN's SEC Coaches Car Wash

We're back for a third week of your questions! Remember, if you'd like to participate in future RCR Mailbags, tweet using the #RCRMailbag hashtag.

Smeargle: My sources tell me that Hootin Dale got access to the security settings of the Grove Wifi and literally made the password by banging his head on the keyboard. The password is now loss to the ages of time. Not coincidentally, he also chose his playcalling this way in the same manner but with the playbook.

Ghost: squirrelslovewafflefries1

Smeargle: I'd definitely say so. Even though we lost two big WRs, the potential to restock and reload is high, plus the return of Engram. Our scheme really shrunk last year when he was injured.

Ghost: There are way too many question marks to say. If Bo can get to full strength, if the line can stay healthy, if Treadwell can become the outside threat we know he can, if someone else (Markell Pack, Quincy Adeboyejo) steps up to fill in at another wideout spot, if iTavius Mathers can become a consistent running threat... Then, yes, absolutely, this will be the best offense Hugh Freeze has had yet at Ole Miss.

Whiskey Wednesday: Everything hinges on OL health. But you already knew that.

Smeargle: Win the SEC West and get to Atlanta. Pretty cut and dry answer here.

Whiskey Wednesday: Not sure that he needs to get to Atlanta to move up a tier, to most people. Finishing 2nd in the West this year would still be a strong, strong statement.

Ghost: I think people are way to quick to criticize Hugh Freeze. In the two years before he got here, the team went 6-18; in the two years since he got here, the team has gone 15-11. He has completely turned the program around and has us heading in a good direction. But college football fans and pundits alike have extremely short memories, and the team's lackluster performances against Mizzou and State have caused people to think of him as a worse coach than he actually is.

In addition, I think people expected way too much out of his 2013 recruiting class way too soon. Yes, they were all five star, all-world recruits, but they were still freshmen. They weren't going to just break onto the scene and change the game. That said, the fact that so many of his players have made all-American and all-SEC teams says a lot about his recruiting and coaching.

In short, he hasn't been here long enough for people to reasonably put him in any sort of "tier" of SEC coaching. He's proved that he can resuscitate a program and have it playing competitive football - but we don't have enough of a sample size to have a consistent idea of what he really is capable of as a coach.

Smeargle: I could do it in a box, I could do it in a tree. Would you, could you come join me? One is fine and two is nice, but three in tree will bring some spice.

Ghost: What I would do and what I could do are completely different things. But, whatever it is that you want me to do I'm definitely not doing it in a damn tree.

Ghost: Being as how the photo was taken with a potato, I can't see what's going on exactly, but it needs at least two accusations of Hugh Freeze conspiring to cover up felonies and an attempt to conflate Mississippi State fandom with moral behavior for it to even register on the grindin' scale. The game's been stepped up in Starkville, y'all.