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RCRuiting: Ole Miss Quarterback Commitment Jason Pellerin

We were going to write a story about this when it happened, but... OMAHA.

Dr. Bo isn't going to be here forever.
Dr. Bo isn't going to be here forever.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Rebels picked up a commitment from 2015 three-star quarterback prospect Jason Pellerin in early June. Pellerin is 6'4", weighing 215 pounds. He has tremendous potential, as he displays good running on film and has the size necessary to carry solid weight.

The main problem facing Pellerin is his throwing mechanics. He's a raw prospect who has trouble even throwing a spiral. Don't let that shake your confidence too much though. Pellerin had a 22:3 TD:INT ratio last season while running the triple-option at New Iberia, where he also stars on the baseball team.

Once it became obvious that the Rebels wouldn't be gaining a commitment from an elite quarterback, it appears that they went looking for someone with the most potential to reach that status. They may have found that in Pellerin, who is unlike any other quarterback currently on roster.

It's a good move for a program that still hasn't been able to land a quarterback wanted by everyone around the country. The coaches have put themselves in a position to work with a raw prospect and see what he can become. I for one think it was a good move. There were other quarterback options available, but none that had publicly expressed interest in the Rebels had the type of ceiling Pellerin has.

Here's a link to Pellerin's junior season film.

I hate to harp on this, but as you can see, there's a lot of promise. The level of competition he's facing in a New Orleans 2A catholic school is low, and that will likely necessitate an adjustment period, but that's to be expected. His commitment wasn't taken so that he could immediately push Devante Kincade and Ryan Buchanan to replace Bo Wallace. He's a player who will likely serve as a backup for a couple of years before being given a chance to earn the starting job.

My philosophy has been and will continue to be that any college program should take a high school quarterback every season. It's just too important a position, with too many players who transfer if they can't start. Houston Nutt didn't agree with that philosophy, and that's one of a multitude of things that got him fired. Hugh Freeze appears to believe quarterbacks are vital (obviously) and therefore takes the best one he can get every season. That's the only way to do it. You can't simply hope that one of two quarterbacks on your roster will be good. You need to have a lot of options and let those who aren't as good as those close to them in age transfer. Then only the best end up staying. /soapbox