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2014 SEC Football Position Group Rankings: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Who has the best receiving corps?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We have now ranked the defensive and offensive lines around the conference, and we're starting to look at skill players now.

We start with receivers and tight ends. I'm going to go ahead and admit that I know very little about opposing tight ends. They played little part in my rankings, since I'm only a casual viewer of other teams.

Also, a lot of rankings I reviewed were based primarily around potential. ESPN had someone predict Texas A&M at #2 for instance primarily because of two players who didn't play at all last year. I'm not going to do that. I tried to do a healthy mix of proven and unproven but promising.

Here's what we got. Take a look, and argue away.

  1. Georgia - Georgia gets almost everything back from a solid receiving corps.
  2. Alabama - Amari Cooper is really good, but at times he disappeared. After him, they have lots of players who were highly decorated recruits who have produced pretty well in spots.
  3. Auburn - Sammie Coates is super fast, and D'haquille Williams is a 6'3" receiver who was dominant in junior college last year.
  4. Ole Miss - Ole Miss lost two of their top three receivers, but they return SEC Freshman of the Year Laquon Treadwell, a freshman All-American in tight end Evan Engram, and senior Vince Sanders who was second on the team in receiving in 2012. Adding to that are highly touted receivers like Quincy Adeboyejo and Markell Pack.
  5. Mississippi State - State actually returns the second most receiving yardage this season in the SEC. Jameon Lewis and De'Runnya Wilson are a pretty good combo, and Malcolm Johnson is a formidable tight end. The trouble is that past those players, there's just no one that many other teams take seriously.
  6. Texas A&M - They have loads of potential, but the only proven commodity is Malcolme Kennedy. If Ricky Seals-Jones and Speedy Noil are as good as advertised, they vault up the list.
  7. South Carolina - Damiere Byrd is fast, and they have decent complements around him.
  8. LSU - They're only here because of incoming stars Malachi Dupre and Trey Quinn. They lost a ton last season, but there's a chance they won't be awful at the position this year.
  9. Tennessee - Don't worry, Tennessee fans. It's not like your quarterback (whoever that will be) would have had time to get the ball to them anyway.
  10. Florida - Remember when Andre Debose was supposed to be the next Percy Harvin? Even considering the ACL injury, he hasn't really done much. He's got a chance to prove himself under a new offensive coordinator, though Ole Miss fans would encourage Florida fans not to get too excited about Kurt Roper.
  11. Kentucky - It's kind of sad that this is one of the higher position group rankings Kentucky will have. There's just not a lot of talent there, but there's still more than...
  12. Missouri - It really just all came crashing down for Missouri's receiving corps. One year they have three of the top fifteen receivers in the conference. The next, zero.
  13. Arkansas - I'm putting Arkansas' receivers this low solely because they didn't immediately transfer when Bielema was hired. Have fun catching 18 balls.
  14. Vanderbilt - Like, seriously everyone is gone.