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SEC Storied's "It's Time" to Premiere on the SEC Network this Fall

The Chucky Mullins story will reach a wide audience in September.

SEC Storied, the SEC-related series of ESPN documentaries - of which "Book of Manning" is a part - will air "It's Time," a documentary chronicling the stories of Chucky Mullins and Brad Gaines this September.

As any Ole Miss fan can attest, the story of Chucky Mullins' injury and eventual death is simultaneously tragic and immensely inspirational. A former defensive back from Russellville, Alabama, Mullins was paralyzed from the neck down after making a tackle against Vanderbilt in 1989 - exactly 25 football seasons ago. He died in May of 1991 of complications resulting from the injury, and since then his No. 38 jersey has been given to an Ole Miss defender as the Chucky Mullins Courage Award.

On the other side of that story is Brad Gaines, the former Vanderbilt tight end who Chucky was tackling when was injured, and how deeply affected he was by the inadvertent tragedy. To this day, Gaines cleans and decorates Mullins' grave every Christmas and May 6, the date on which Chucky died.