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Ole Misc.: SEC Media Days Begins Today

It's mostly meaningless, but we love it anyway.


SEC Media Days, an event of great pomp and very little circumstance, begins today! There will be Mike Slive bumbling on about something, coaches saying the same things they say in every press conference, and players answering mundane questions about practice. And, yet, it will still be painstakingly followed by media and fans alike, because in SEC country we'll entertain ourselves with anything to get us through the desert that is the college football offseason.

We'll naturally have information on Ole Miss at SEC Media Days when it becomes available, but we won't be there ourselves. We did that once, and Houston Nutt mouthed off to Whiskey Wednesday about Jeremiah Masoli - in response to a question about Randall Mackey - so we're just sticking back and leaving this one to the Spencers and Godfreys. Speaking of Godfrey, here's his five things the SEC wants you to know about this week, and it's a solid primer for the coming days.

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