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Lafayette Super Regional Day 3 Open thread

Omaha or bust.


What a roller coaster ride, amirite? Last night's game epitomized the ups and downs that we as Ole Miss fans are all too familiar with when watching a Rebel sporting event. My wife had to leave the room because my mood swings were causing her own blood pressure to rise. I also got heavily reprimanded for all the "yelling" and possible waking up the neighbors. Sorry but if you live in Oxford and aren't awake to watch Ole Miss anything in the post season, you deserve to be woken up.

Sam Smith will of course get the nod tonight and after that, our bullpen is more or less completely intact with our go to relievers. There's even the idea that Ellis could potentially go back in considering his short outing Saturday night. Cody Boutte (9-0, 3.09 ERA) will start for the Cajuns. While he earned the W in last week's elimination game against MSU, he also gave up 5 runs off 10 hits and relied on the Cajun offense to put them ahead. Here's hoping our pen can shut them down where State couldn't. We've come this far, I just can't see us going home tonight. We are long past due for a trip to Omaha. Hotty Toddy y'all.