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Lafayette Super Regional 2014 Day 2 Open Thread

Win or go home.


Well hopefully by now, you've gone to church. Hopefully at church you prayed for forgiveness for all the gutter-mouth things you yelled at the TV last night as the Rebs did some gift wrapping of  presents for the Ragin' Cajuns. Hopefully you also ate something that sizzles (philly cheesesteaks here) in preparation for tonight's #SundaySizzle win-or-go-home game in Lafayette.

This "backs against the wall" situation is nothing new for the Rebs this season as TOUGHNESS has been the over-arching mantra for this team. You can't help but be confident with Christian Trent taking the mound but hey, I'm sure we all felt the same last night with Chris Ellis and we all saw how that worked out. So pour your lucky beverage of choice, DVR Game of Thrones, and let's combine our internet powers to force the baseball gods to shine favor upon our Rebel squad. Lord knows it would be a long bus ride back to Oxford. Go get 'em Rebs.