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Lafayette Super Regional Day 1 Open Thread

The Rebels from Lafayette County take on the Cajuns from Lafayette city.


The day is finally here. Day 1 of what could be a glorious journey into unknown territory or another long bus ride home for the Rebs. On all accounts, while Lafayette may have a small stadium, I've been told by some MSU family of mine that they are not short on being raucous, obnoxious and down right full of as much coon-assery (if not more) than LSU fans. Regardless, the Rebs have been purged by fire through the sevens levels of hell when they visited Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend, so I don't think any opposing stadium could shake the Rebs after that.

Honestly, I feel pretty confident heading into this series. Washington was a super tough out and I think it really battle tested the Rebs and proved they can put behind them their previous post-season woes. At the same time, after La-Lafa lost their opening game to Jackson State, they plowed through the rest of their regional. Confidence will be riding high for both teams but I predict a Rebel trip to Omaha. Cheer loud and try not to have an anxiety attack.

Let's get weird.