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Ole Misc.: Huskie Chief Brown Out with an Achilles Injury

This is a tough setback for the Rebel defensive backfield.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Chief Brown, the backup to Tony Conner at Huskie who played significant snaps at strong and free safety this past season, will likely miss the 2014 football season due to an achilles injury suffered in offseason workouts, the Clarion Ledger is reporting. Aside from sounding terribly painful and being the impetus for what is bound to be a long, frustrating recovery, Chief's injury is a big setback for a Rebel defensive backfield which, while still talented, could use Brown's versatility to add depth.

It's also a terrible injury from a fan perspective because Chief, a native of sleepy Winona, has become somewhat of a fan favorite. He's a Mississippian whose contributions to the team, while modest, have been vital parts of some of this team's more memorable wins over the past two years. He's also, by most accounts, a good student who stays out of trouble - a guy who didn't exactly earn this type of bad luck.

Moving forward, this means that the backup Husky job is now probably Mike Hilton's. He's a bit undersized, but he tackles well and makes smart plays in the defensive backfield. He's better in coverage than against the run, but he's not particularly unaccomplished at either. Against SEC competition, I would worry about his build and durability, but if Tony Conner can stay healthy and on the field then perhaps that worrying is premature.

A speedy recovery and then some, Chief.

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Here's Hugh Freeze explaining to Trevor Matich how he likes to use men-in-motion and quarterback reads to create mismatches:

Hugh, if I may offer two tips on being a better presenter in the future:

  • Don't assume that everyone knows what you're talking about. Trevor had to pry some explanations out of you because you were speaking to him (and therefore us, the audience) as if we're fully versed in your footballisms. We aren't, so please be aware of that.
  • Wear a damn belt.