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Ole Miss Rebel Cornerback Senquez Golson Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Charge

What does that put our Fulmer Cup total at now?

Senquez Golson making a tackle against Pitt in the 2012 BBVA Compass Bowl
Senquez Golson making a tackle against Pitt in the 2012 BBVA Compass Bowl
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Senquez Golson, a rising senior cornerback on the Ole Miss Rebel football team, was arrested at 4:50 AM this past Sunday in Gautier, MS for disorderly conduct. Per the Sun Herald, the arresting officer "was in the midst of a call and he encountered Golson...[The officer] attempted to identify [Golson], but [Golson] didn't have any identification on him and he wouldn't give information."*

If you'll follow that link above (which you should), you'll see that Golson was snagged shirtless off of the street. So, what we have here is a shirtless guy at 4:50 AM on a Saturday refusing to provide identification to a police officer. Sounds like he had partied a little too hard that Friday evening. Or, better yet, he was mourning the Rebs' departure from the College World Series and got a little carried away. Can't say I fault a guy for that.

He was later released on a $1000 bond, and has a trial date set for late July.

Golson started 10 games for the Rebs at corner last year, notching 41 tackles and a pair of interceptions. He'll still most likely start most games at his corner spot this fall, albeit after an offseason spent on what will be a presumably be a much shorter leash.

*My apologies for the annotations, but the source material was dripping with ambiguous pronouns.