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Ole Misc.: Donte Moncrief's Adjusting Well to Indianapolis

The former Rebel receiver is excited for his NFL opportunities (and other Ole Miss football news).

Joe Robbins

We've been baseballing a lot around here, so let's look at some football news for a change. And what a better topic to approach than what animals Donte Moncrief is afraid of? Here's SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein chatting with the former Rebel star about his role in the Indianapolis offense, his transition into the NFL, and snakes.

Of note is Moncrief's assertion that the transition from his time at Ole Miss to the NFL hasn't been particularly difficult, given the playbook he learned while in Oxford. Comparing the two systems, he notes that they're both made up of "the same concepts, but they just name it differently... It's not as bad as people think." He also briefly touches on how transitioning from a no-huddle to a pro-style system has steepened the learning curve just a bit.

He also doesn't have high hopes for his rookie rating in Madden, which is fair and reasonable.

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