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2014 FIFA World Cup: USMNT vs. Ghana Open Thread

It's time for the Americans to enact a little old fashioned revenge.

Jamie Squire

If you're a fan of American soccer, then you know the deal. You know that Ghana has had our number in World Cups, and that there's no way we can accept that. You know that this team is both uniquely American and simultaneously non-American, with a German coach leading a club made up of first generation Americans, dual-citizens, and (naturally) a handful of excellent homegrown talents. You know that the World Cup is the one time to prove to the rest of the world that we do appreciate the world's game and we can perform at an elite level, thank you very much.

And you know that nothing - noootttthhhiiiiinnnnggg - gets the patriot's blood flowing like cheering on the red, white, and blue. So let's get in that good ol' fashioned American mood, and kick some ass.