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Ole Misc.: Donte Moncrief's Draft Day

Where will the Rebel wide receiver end up?

Kelly Lambert

SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers community, Behind the Steel Curtain, has a pretty solid analysis of Donte Moncrief's best assets and draft possibilities.

Overall, there are examples where Moncrief could have showed he's like his frame suggests - a faster version of Anquan Boldin. The reality is he's not the strongest receiver we'll see in this draft, and he's getting himself open with his athleticism more than his strength. Moncrief is a second or third round prospect because he's still got some work to do on his route-running, but he's a very solid option who could make for an outstanding NFL wide receiver in the near future.

While I won't fault a guy for making a decision that's in his best interest, I can't help but wonder what this season's Ole Miss team would look like with Moncrief, as well as what next year's draft would do for him. This year, the NFL draft class is just dripping with incredibly talented wide receivers - Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans come to mind - and Moncrief won't be able to wiggle himself into the first round or, perhaps, even the second on just his athleticism and two years at Ole Miss.

That said, I know he will do well in the NFL, and I know we'll all be cheering for him at the next level... Unless he plays for the Redskins /Cowboysfan'd

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