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Oxford Regional 2014: Day 2 (well 1) Open Thread

We will finally get to see some baseball!

Despite getting a little bit sunburned yesterday, the NCAA and all teams involved decided to postpone Friday's games to today. This was a bit frustrating for those who arrived at Swayze in hopes of watching Washington face Georgia Tech at 3. By then, the game had been pushed back til 4. Then it became 5 and before you could apply some sunscreen and pop open your umpteenth beer, all games for the evening were cancelled. Those in the outfield and here at yesterday's open thread still seemed to have a good time though.

In other regional news, there were some pretty big upsets … and by big I mean three national seeds losing on Day 1. Before yesterday, national seeds were a combined 39-1 on opening day. That stat didn't seem to affect College of Charleston upsetting Florida, Georgia Southern blasting Florida State and Jackson State blanking UL-Lafayette. The last upset highly affects Ole Miss and it's chances of hosting a super regional. However there's still a whole weekend of baseball left to play. Join us here as we continue the Road to Omaha.