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Red Cup Radio: Oxford Baseball Regional Edition

Some insights and a handful of bad jokes await you for this edition of Red Cup Radio.

We're back on the air, or something, and we're better than ever largely unchanged!

Yesterday, Ghost, Smeargle, and I got together to share some of our thoughts on the upcoming NCAA baseball regional at Swayze Field. We touched on each team in the regional and discussed a few other baseball-related topics as well. We even tried to talk about the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets without having done any sort of real research on the topic! It's an entertaining enough show and, at less than a half-hour of your time, you don't have an excuse not to listen at this point.

Click here to listen if you're on a mobile device, or use the widget below. Give us your reactions in the comments section.

NOTE: This was recorded last night. I was just lazy and didn't post it until today. Sorry. Talk to Ghost to claim your refund for the month.