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Five Outs to Omaha: A Mini-Documentary on the Evan Button Story from the 2009 Oxford Super Regional

This one will jog a few memories.

This is a tough documentary to stomach if you don't like reliving those kinds of memories, but it is very interesting to hear from former players as they recount the story of the 2009 Oxford Super Regional where Ole Miss lost to UVA in three games. In particular, the film focuses on Evan Button and his infamous throwing error, made with just five outs to go in game two and arguably costing the Rebels the contest and, therefore, a trip to the College World Series.

While his error in that game broke our hearts and has largely gone unforgiven, it is important to remember that Evan Button - and the rest of the Rebel baseball team - are no more human than the rest of us.

[Also, you'll see that a certain baseball Cupper from years past makes an appearance around the 22-minute mark, as does one of y'all's snarky comments. Give it a watch.]