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Ole Misc.: I'm on Vacation, But Nobody's Painting Pictures of Me

Eli Manning and his beach bod, however, are the subject of some bizarre portraiting.

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A man named David Rappocio painted Eli Manning at the beach (building a sand castle for his daughter, obviously). It's many things, aside from the very obvious qualifier of "odd." It's eerie, it's unsettling, it's reminiscent of bad beach art from prior generations - the kinds of things you see at yard sales, where there's a blase beach landscape dotted with seagulls or disproportioned sailboats - and it's somehow oddly sexual. Like, I shouldn't think there's something carnal about this image, but there is, and I neither like it nor do I know what it is.

Per the artist himself:

We spend so much time admiring the beautiful specimens of humanity that are most football players. It's nice to sit back and remember that not all champions eat their Wheaties. Some of them are a little soft and dopey, but are still champions capable of winning it all. It's inspiring to see a man of such plain proportions propped up to the level of Adonis because it makes us feel like we can beat out sissy pretty boys in two different Super Bowls, too.

So, in short, Tom Brady can suck it.

Other links:

  • The Cool to be Mississippi All Stars, a basketball team out of Ridgeland, are raising money to fund their athletic and academic programs. If you can give, or if you can just pass their info along, I am sure they would greatly appreciate it.
  • "I'm innocent; Roll Tide." That'll probably get him acquitted.
  • Starting in 2016, incoming freshmen will be required to redshirt if their GPA in a core of 16 high school courses does not exceed 2.3. This is a move which will surely have repercussions on the Nick Brassells of the world.

Go Jags:

And, finally, some video:

[Forward Together: Arena Fly-Through from Ole Miss Rebels on Vimeo.]

My only question is "does the roof hold water out." Because, if so, I'm sold.