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SEC Tournament Day 2 roundup: Ole Miss loses, but so does everyone else

And by "everyone else" I mean Vanderbilt and South Carolina, which is all that matters.


On one hand, it was a pretty shitty day at the SEC Tournament for the Ole Miss baseball team. They fell to Arkansas, 2-1, in a frustrating game filled with base-running errors, wild pitches and more men left stranded than an episode of LOST.

The good news is that South Carolina and Vanderbilt, the Rebels' primary competition for a national seed, also lost. In fact, Ole Miss's day was downright sunny in comparison. Vandy taught everybody that there's a run rule in Hoover during an 11-1 ass-stomping at the hands of LSU. The Gamecocks then got mercy ruled themselves by Mississippi State, falling, 12-0, amidst a downpour of hashtags and cowbells.

That does makes the fact that Ole Miss failed to take advantage of a golden opportunity that much more frustrating. When it comes down to it, though, this tournament isn't about how many games the Rebs win as much as it's about how many games they win in comparison with Vandy and South Carolina.

Being that this is a double elimination tournament, all three teams still have work to do. The biggest game on Thursday will be Ole Miss vs. Vandy, which takes place at 9:30 a.m. CT. The loser of that one will likely see their national seed hopes extinguished. The Gamecocks, meanwhile, get the top-seeded Florida Gators, who were upset by Kentucky on Wednesday. Florida has nothing to gain in this tournament, so that's not as tough of a matchup as it sounds.