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Deterrian Shackelford Wins Chucky Mullins Courage Award, Becomes First Two-Time Recipient

The sixth year senior out of Alabama will see time at linebacker and defensive end this year.

Mike Marry, last year's recipient, wearing his No. 38 jersey against Alabama.
Mike Marry, last year's recipient, wearing his No. 38 jersey against Alabama.
Kevin C. Cox

Deterrian "D.T." Shackelford is the winner of the 2014 Chucky Mullins Courage Award, becoming the first two-time recipient of the honor. He will wear the No. 38 jersey in Mullins' honor, replacing Mike Marry. He was honored during a ceremony this morning at the Inn at Ole Miss, where Hugh Freeze and former Mullins Award recipients presented his jersey to him:

Shackelford won the award in 2011, the first of two seasons he missed due to knee injuries. While it was a bit tough to see Mullins' number on the sidelines and not on the field of play, it was a tremendous honor for Shackelford, and one that recognized his dedication to the Rebel program through thick and thin. Considering that, it is more than appropriate for the sixth-year senior to receive the award again, given his extraordinary circumstances and personality, as well as the opportunity for him to finally represent Chucky on the gridiron.

The Chucky Mullins Courage Award honors the late Roy Lee "Chucky" Mullins, an Ole Miss defensive back who died due to complications resulting from his paralysis, which he suffered while making a tackle agains Vanderbilt in 1989. Since his death, one Rebel defender is given the honor of wearing Chucky's No. 38 jersey; this player is chosen based on his leadership, courage, and loyalty to the Ole Miss football program, attributes which no player on this roster can boast over Deterrian Shackelford.

Congratulations are in order for Deterrian. We at the Cup are happy to see you back in Chucky's jersey, and this time we will be thrilled to see you wearing it in action.