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RCRuiting: A Closer Look at DK Metcalf

Ole Miss great Terrence Metcalf's son is a monster in his own right.

This guy's probably pretty happy that Metcalf committed so early.
This guy's probably pretty happy that Metcalf committed so early.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly a year ago, Ole Miss received a commitment from wide receiver Dekaylin Metcalf, son of former Ole Miss offensive lineman Terrence Metcalf. Because he had just completed his freshman season, people didn't know what to think. Seemed like he was big. It was tough to tell how he would progress.

Well... he's progressed fantastically. 247 Sports' composite ranking has Metcalf as a five star and the #25 player overall regardless of position. Before we go any further, watch this film of the first half of his sophomore season.

As you can see, he's pretty special. He already uses his body well and attacks the ball in the air. Reviews from camps he has attended have been fantastic too. He's big, fast, (Oxford comma) and capable of running good routes. He's likely to block well, and he looks to cut pretty effortlessly.

I talked with some people who attended several Oxford High School games, and they tell me he makes highlight catches all the time. This video is no anomaly. He's the real deal.

Metcalf could likely have an offer from any school he wished to attend. He's not going anywhere but Ole Miss though. He plays at Oxford High School, and his father is one of the best alums of the Ole Miss football team. I don't think this is one we need to sweat out. He's coming to Oxford, and we should be overjoyed.

I'm not usually one to get too excited about these incredibly early commitments, but this one is likely to stick, and if Metcalf doesn't turn out to be very good in college, a multitude of pundits will be absolutely shocked.