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Ole Miss vs. Kentucky baseball 2014: Weekend open thread

Apologies for not getting this up on Friday. I was out Double Decker'ing.

If you're not out drinking on the Square or couldn't make it to town for Double Decker, you should be watching Ole Miss baseball in a rather pivotal series against Kentucky in Lexington. The Diamond Rebs took Game 1 on Friday, hammering National Player of the Year candidate A.J. Reed en route to a 12-4 snoozer of a win.

Grabbing this series would be huge for the Rebs' hosting opportunities. Both teams are in the top 10 in RPI, and amidst a crowded SEC every game is going to matter down the stretch. Kentucky's Sunday starter carries an ERA over 4.0, so you have to like Sam Smith's chances of getting the win on Sunday. Of course we said the same thing about the LSU series last weekend and got blanked by a freshman TBA. So who knows.

Spend your Saturday and Sunday with us talkin' shit and watchin' baseball. Tell us where you are, what you're drinking and how much you hate Kentucky for being a basketball school.