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Ole Misc.: Rebels Lose to Bulldogs in Trustmark

It's not been a good week for Bianco's boys.


After losing a heartbreaking series to the LSU Tigers at home, Mike Bianco's No. 12-ranked Ole Miss Rebels fell to another rival, the No. 20-ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs, last night at Trustmark Park in Pearl. Hit batters, errors, and a combined fourteen runners conspired to ensure that, at the very least, the sellout crowd was thoroughly intrigued en route to the 8-3 Bulldog victory.

The Rebs went through seven (!) pitchers on the evening, with Preston "Lord" Tarkington getting the loss after allowing a run while facing just two batters. Ole Miss, after earning a 3-2 lead in the sixth, was entirely incapable of cooling the Mississippi State bats, who scored six runs over the following three innings to cruise to victory.

Something something about them wanting it more and about how this doesn't matter going forward and all that matters is if we host a regional and have decent seeding regarding super regionals and yadda yadda you know what the same old platitudes are in this case. Just plug 'em in here. They won't change your feelings either way.

For those of you made it out to the game, I salute you. You probably put up with enough CLANGA to last a summer. And to Fit4LifeLLC, sorry I didn't publish your preview. I'm busy trying to graduate and stuff. Hell, I didn't even watch the game myself. I know, I suck, whatever.

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