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Ole Miss vs. LSU baseball 2014: Weekend open thread

You know exactly where you can go, LSU.

The most evil athletic entity outside of Starkville heads to Oxford this weekend. Yep, it's time for LSU vs. Ole Miss.

The No. 10 Rebels host the No. 7 Tigers in a battle to decide second place (and potentially first) in the SEC West. ESPN U is broadcasting the first game, which has subsequently been bumped up to Thursday. FSN will carry Game 3 on Saturday.

This weekend is personally exciting for yours truly, as it's the first series I've been able to make all year. I'll be drinking and cussing and carousing in general in Right Field all weekend. If you happen to be around, you can get at me on Twitter @Jeff_GraySBN. I'll be happy to drink some beer and yell obscenities at right fielder Mark Laird and his girlfriend Cammie with ya.

Well, get after it in the comment section. Tell us where you're watching, what you're drinking and how much you want to punch Mark in the face.

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