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Ole Miscellaneous: The NCAA Allows Unlimited Meals for Athletes

We're changing the name of the Rebel Roundup. C'mon, you know you like it.

Joe Robbins

Yesterday, the NCAA legislative council approved a proposal to allow for unlimited meals and snacks to be provided to all athletes on a school's roster, including players who are not on a scholarship. Jerrell Powe, upon hearing this news, was devastated to learn that he was born about a decade too soon.

This decision is obviously a way for the NCAA to squelch those who are critical of their ability to profit off of the efforts of woefully under-compensated athletes. "Hey, at least we're feeding them," they're probably now saying, patting themselves on the backs for furthering the guise of amateurism in college athletics. It is also a decision which is clearly a reaction to Sabazz Napier revealing that he oftentimes doesn't have enough money to feed himself, despite being a star on the national champion UConn Huskies basketball team. So the NCAA's covering their ass while making a pretty sweet concession to players of all sports and of all values to their respective programs. It's as close to a win-win as we could have expected in this ongoing debate over student-athlete compensation.

That said, good luck trying to keep Jeremy Liggins and Aaron Morris certain players out of weight trouble.

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