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Ole Miss vs. UALR baseball 2014 weekend open thread

If you're on spring break, I hate you.

The Ole Miss baseballers look to get past their biannual loss to Memphis as they host the UALR Trojans on what looks to be a particularly beautiful weekend in Oxford. Despite the temperatures hovering in the mid-60s on Saturday, don't expect Right Field to be very full -- most of the student body will be halfway to Destin or Panama City by first pitch.

Yep, it's officially spring break, that God-appointed week when your only concerns are figuring out how much beer will fit in your beach cooler and finding someone sober enough to drive to the grocery store for more more charcoal and burger buns. I just want you to know, spring breakers, I speak for all of us graduates when I say I HATE YOU. While you're lounging on the beach surrounded by barely-dressed sorority girls, I'll be in frigid D.C., where there's still snow on the ground.

At least I can take respite in kicking back in front of Rebelvision and watching some baseball. UALR is 8-2, but hasn't played any-damn-body, so this should hopefully be an easy weekend. It would be nice to bounce back from the midweek loss with a sweep, and would help us hold our place in the various polls.

Here are your game times and pitching matchups:

Friday: 6:30 p.m. CT

Ole Miss - RHP Chris Ellis
UALR: LHP Travis McDonald

Saturday: 4 p.m. CT

Ole Miss: LHP Christian Trent
UALR: RHP Ethan Schlechte

Sunday: 1:30 p.m. CT

Ole Miss: RHP Sam "Sunday Sizzle" Smith
UALR: RHP Cameron Allen

Make sure to swing through the comment section. Give us your take on the team's early success. Tell us what you're drinking this weekend. Make rash and emotional claims while we're losing.

And if you happen to be on spring break, GET THE HELL OFF THE INTERNET YOU'RE ON SPRING BREAK