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Ole Miss Rebel Spring Football: 2014 Grove Bowl Draft Results

Which team is better?

Bo Wallace, first overall pick in the 2014 Red Cup Rebellion Spring Draft.
Bo Wallace, first overall pick in the 2014 Red Cup Rebellion Spring Draft.
Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday afternoon, Juco All-American and Whiskey Wednesday drafted a pair of Rebel squads comprised of players who will be available to play in this weekend's Grove Bowl. After 21 rounds, they came up with a pair of fully manned defenses and groups of offensive skill players which we can then compare against each other based on how they perform as individuals in the Saturday scrimmage.

We even recorded the draft live! Give it a listen below if you'd like:

The draft order and results are below. As you can see, there was a quick jump to snag stars early before game theory set in, forcing each of them to piece their team together based on who drafted whom.

Round Juco All-American Whiskey Wednesday
1 Bo Wallace Laquon Treadwell
2 CJ Johnson Robert Nkemdiche
3 Tony Conner Derrick Jones
4 Senquez Golson Evan Engram
5 Isaac Gross Cody Prewitt
6 Bird Bryant Deterrian Shackleford
7 Q. Adeboyejo Fadol Brown
8 Mike Hilton iTavius Mathers
9 Collins Moore Marquise Hanes
10 Anthony Alford Devante Kincade
11 Christian Russell Cody Core
12 Jaylon Walton Chief Brown
13 Herbert Moore Keith Lewis
14 Carlos Thompson Trae Elston
15 Channing Ward Bryon Bennett
16 Jordan Wilkins Kailo Moore
17 CJ Hampton Mark Dodson Jr.
18 Quadarius Mireles Quintavious Burdette
19 Lavon Hooks Carlos Davis
20 Jeremy Liggins Nick Parker
21 John Youngblood Ryan Buchanan

Here are the depth charts of the two teams (without offensive lines - just assume that they're both running with the Rebs' first team's big bodies).

Juco's Jumpin' Johnny Rebs

QB Bo Wallace DA BIG LIG
RB Jaylon Walton Jordan Wilkins
WR Q. Adeboyejo
WR Collins Moore
SLOT Quadarius Mireles
TE Channing Ward
WDE CJ Johnson
SDE Carlos Thompson John Youngblood
DT Isaac Gross
DT Herbert Moore Lavon Hooks
SLB Bird Bryant
MLB Christian Russell
H Tony Conner
SS CJ Hampton
FS Anthony Alford
CB Senquez Golson
CB Mike Hilton

Whiskey Wednesday's Wascally Webels

QB Devante Kincade Ryan Buchanan
RB iTavius Mathers Mark Dodson Jr.
WR Laquon Treadwell
WR Cody Core
SLOT Quintavius Burdette
TE Evan Engram Nick Parker
WDE Marquise Haynes
SDE Fadol Brown
DT Bryon Bennett
DT Robert Nkemdiche
SLB Keith Lewis
MLB Deterrian Shackleford
H Chief Brown
SS Cody Prewitt
FS Trae Elston
CB Derrick Jones Carlos Davis
CB Kailo Moore

Be sure to vote in the poll and check back in with us after the Grove Bowl when we determine which team is the winner.