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Red Cup Rebellion's Spring Football Draft is LIVE

Join us on Talkshoe at 1:00 PM Central!


We're most of the way through the Ole Miss Rebels' spring football practices, with the Grove Bowl being this next Saturday, April 5. We've speculated about the Rebel backup quarterback race, the linebacker depth, the youth on the offensive line, and many of the Rebs big question marks leading into the 2014 season. Today, Juco All-American and Whiskey Wednesday will put our speculation, observations, and guesswork to the test with a spring football draft which will be aired live on Talkshoe at 1:00 PM Central.

The draft's structure and rules are as follows:

  • A coin toss decides first pick.
  • The draft will snake which, for two people, is a little strange, but it will expedite the process and allow for some interesting drafting strategy.
  • Offensive line are not being chosen due to the lack of depth at that position. Everything else is out there.
  • Only players who are here for spring are up for grabs, so no Markell Pack, Tee Shepard, etc.
  • In addition, only players who are actually playing in the Grove Bowl can be selected, so no injured (e.g., Vince Sanders) or suspended players (Denzel Nkemdiche) are available.
So join us at 1:00 PM Central using the Talkshoe widget below. Listen, comment in the chat, tell shitty jokes, tell Juco how terrible his team is, whatever. It'll be fun.