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Ole Miss vs. Missouri baseball weekend open thread

Baseball's back at Swayze this weekend. Let's get drunk and talk about it.

I'm out drinking right now so I'll make this short. Ole Miss baseball is playing it's SEC home opener against an awful Missouri team this weekend. After playing their first conference series on the road against No. 1 South Carolina, the Diamond Rebs get a the SEC's worst team at home for a three-game series it just win.

Ideally they would sweep. That's not so much because we desperately need three wins, but more so because playing a conference team this bad is a rare opportunity that must be taken advantage of.

Check in with us throughout the weekend and share your thoughts on the Rebs' performance. Tell us what you're drinking. Tell us about how awesome Right Field is. Tell us how much you hate your boss and crazy your girlfriend has been driving you recently.

For a full preview, head on over to Ghost's post from Friday afternoon.

Hotty Toddy and let's bring the brooms.