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Dacorious "DJ" Law to be Released from his Ole Miss LOI, will Attend Either Utah or East Mississippi CC

The signing day SNAFU that was DJ Law's commitment is over - at least for Ole Miss.

Here's what you're missing out on, D.J.
Here's what you're missing out on, D.J.
Scott Halleran

Dacorious "DJ" Law, a three-star athlete out of Haines City, Florida, has been released from his LOI that he signed with Ole Miss. The situation surrounding this release is a bit strange, but I'll do my best to summarize it objectively:

Well, that situation just became less confusing, as Hugh Freeze and the Rebel coaching staff have released Law from his obligations to Ole Miss. In his National Signing Day press conference, Coach Freeze did allude to Law's academic status, saying that his staff was willing to "overlook" those issues because they're "totally convinced [he] wants to make something of himself." Well, he'll have to do that either as a Ute or an East Mississippi Lion now, and if we were ones to gamble on it (we're not) we'd put our money on Scooba.

Either way, we wish the best of luck to DJ Law in whatever he does next. I'm sure that, if he does go the Juco route, he'll have a spot with this program in a couple of years.